As long time acquaintances Alex and Dustin shared a small group of mutual friends, never thinking a small group lake trip would change their future forever. Their upbringing couldn’t be more different from each other. Dustin is fourth generation born and raised in Palo Verde, AZ unlike Alex who grew up military which led to a global upbringing. To their surprise the two had more in common than anyone before; from the food they like (mainly dislike), tv/movie interests, life goals, values, and most importantly beliefs. They have always been very open about the belief that GOD come first, for it was truly an act of GOD who brought them together. They feel very blessed to have found each other. GOD blessed Alex with her daughter Lyla almost 5 years ago, it was when she saw Dustin in her backyard playing “Frozen Magical Powers” with Lyla that she knew he was someone special. For Dustin it was the drive home from a spontaneous road trip to Disneyland he knew Alex was someone he saw a future with. They both agree that the beautiful thing about life is that it's unpredictable but with faith everything happens for a reason. The two of them could not be more excited to see what adventures GOD has instore for their family.

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